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Recognized as Thought leader (#1) in the VR/AR segment by Thinkers360 for 2024

I'm deeply humbled to share that I've been recognized as the thought leader in the VR/AR segment by Thinkers360 for 2024. This acknowledgment fuels my passion to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible with immersive technologies.

🌟 Why this matters beyond the accolade:

- Empowering People with Disabilities: We're harnessing VR to create accessible, engaging experiences that break down barriers and open new worlds of opportunity.

- Enhancing Senior Well-being: Our recent work focuses on using VR for reminiscence therapy, supporting cognitive health and emotional well-being in older adults.

- Revolutionizing Education: VR is transforming how we learn, making education more interactive, immersive, and accessible for diverse learners.

- Supporting Vulnerable Populations: We're exploring how VR can provide safe, controlled environments for therapy and skill development for various vulnerable groups.

This recognition isn't just about technology – it's about the lives we can improve. Every day, I'm inspired by the resilience and potential of the individuals we work with, from children with disabilities to seniors rekindling cherished memories.

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