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Empowering Lives through Assistive Technology

Pioneering Social Innovation for an Inclusive Future

Discover Robin Tommy's profound commitment to Assistive Technology, where he has passionately dedicated himself to ideating, designing, conceptualizing, developing, and innovating transformative solutions for the differently-abled community. Robin's mission is to address the challenges faced in limb movements, cognitive capabilities, and overall quality of life for these individuals with empathy and professionalism. Through the 3E model, Robin has engaged with over 20K beneficiaries across India, fostering tangible change and building a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Engage      -     Empathize     -      Empower

VHAB Gamifying exercises

 VHAB, a gamified platform to improve the gross motor, fine motor skills and behavioral health of specially abled children affected with Cerebral Palsy and Autism. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Gamification technology to create   This was first of its kind solution for gamified rehabilitation and therapy for children all around the world.


VHAB has won the most prestigious TATA Innovista 2018 and many other Awards.


Vhab is supported by Barclays under their Reach Program which shows the relevance of technology and research for the disabled society. This is one of the most prominent research


Special School @ Home Initiative


The Covid-19 pandemic has deeply impacted differently-abled children, affecting their daily learning, therapy, and vocational skills. To counter these challenges and create opportunities during the lockdown, we introduced the VIA program.

This program instilled immense confidence in the specially-abled community, empowering them to harness technology and forge ahead during these unprecedented times. Numerous sessions were conducted to design, innovate, and build the optimal platform for differently-abled children.

Having facilitated over 4,000 online sessions, incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and digital skills for vocational enablement, our initiative has made a significant difference.


Currently, it supports 250+ children in Kerala, ensuring the continuity of their education, therapy, and skill development through this unique and impactful initiative.

Next Gen Communication Device 

ASSISTO is first of its kind intelligent communication device that is used by the specially abled children with speech impairments to communicate their needs in a near-real tone of the child. ASSISTO is a device that can be worn on any operational limb of the specially abled child. Through ASSISTO, the biggest impact is the life changing experience of hearing their natural sounding voice. The device is available within 20$, compared to the highly unaffordable devices in the market.

It was also extensively used during COVID for their continual learning rehabilitation and communication. 


ASSISTO won the Nasscom Engineering and Innovation Excellence Award under the category ‘Social Impact Solution of the Year 2021’


ASSISTO was also the winner of The Golden Globe Tigers Awards 2020. ASSISTO was a finalist in the Confederation of Indian Industry Design awards 2020.


Enabling communication

Verbose is a technology developed for supporting the education and learning of Hearing loss society. It is a Speech to Text platform enabling learning, improved cognitive reference with pictogram and dictionary based learning cues. 

Verbose in Action:

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