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My story to create change with Technology

Myself Robin Tommy, Welcome to my online space. Being a technology enthusiast, three E’s that hold high place in my dictionary – Explore, Experiment and Experience. This online space was created with the intention to share the experiences I have gained using technological exploration and experimentation. Having privileged to work on various social initiatives, I will also share some amazing stories of sustainable outcomes that was created for various groups across the world. Above all, let’s use this platform as a medium to STAY CONNECTED. 


What's My Story?

Currently solving the mysteries of tomorrow with design, creative and technology inception. Involved in as technology metamorphosis expert, rapid inventor, collaborative innovator, and large scale business problem solver. Known as a major contributor towards the Social Impact Innovation and Sustainable platforms/products/solutions like VHAB that has helped in creating a large scale impact for the society. Would love to introduce you to Inclusys Org Foundation for creating assistive technology, incubation, startup ecosystem, awareness for the neurodivergent individuals

Till date I have been fortunate to file 90 patents and publish 30+ research papers


I have done my post-graduation in Master of Technology (Quality Management) from BITS Pilani, completed the Management Development Program from IIMK in New Concept Development and Fuzzy Front End Innovation Framework. Started to pursue a Ph.D. in Management


Currently, I am the Co-Founder and Chief Digital Advisor for Inclusys Org Foundation and Startup and Incubation Coach with Tata Consultancy Services.

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01/19 - 01/23

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01/19 - 01/23

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Do read our first book on robotics titled 'Building Smart Robots using ROS'. A must read for robotics enthusiasts to start building robots with intelligence. The book will enlighten you on Design, Simulation, Programming and adding AI to your first robot. 

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Creating Technology Initiatives for Parkinsons

Started to set up a community of doctors, technology enthusiasts and larger advocates to create design and technology for Parkinson's for improving their quality of life. Please contact to be part of the community


Green Inclusion for Carbon Offset

Working with multiple NGO's in planting forests across India. This project is named as Green Inclusys as it is powered by the differently abled community. The carbon sequestration project is used to offset the carbon emissions (GHG's) due to IT projects and infrastructure


Artificial Intelligence device for ALS

Developing a device for ALS patients to trigger alarms whenever support is required and feeling uncomfortable. The device triggers based on specific gestures and avoiding shivering. Planned to deliver the same by June 


Inclusys Org Foundation has been created to recruit, train, engage and empower the neurodivergent citizens in data services (Data Annotation, Data Entry skills). Inclusys is a not-for-profit organization to empower and skill the ND society with IT skills. 


Supporting Digital Technology Transformation

Working with various government department (Education, Healthcare) for enabling the digital transformation with technology. Various initiatives include assistive technology for mass, digital education system, digital skill enablement of youth and many more

Universal Design Awards 2022

Major Recognitions in FY23

Our Team won several recognitions in FY 2022. Some of the awards are given below

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