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The World of Brain Computer Interface

Studying the beautiful brain is a mammoth task. Understanding the brain and digging deeper into the neuron world is fun and empowering. The World of Brain Computer Interface workshop was intended for introducing the complex concepts of Brain in an interactive manner by observing the messages transmitted by our neurons to establish control.

The session was on 14 and 15 October 2022 held at MEA, Perinthalmanna. The workshop had an enthusiastic participation of 40+ students from various esteemed institutions across Kerala.

The session covered the following

  1. The Human Brain

  2. Brain Computer Interface concepts

  3. BCI devices

  4. Understanding the brain signals

  5. Recording and analysing the brain signals using Open BCI

  6. Gamification and VR stimuli response of Brain

The workshop ended with a presentation by the teams understand how the brain was responding to the stimuli. A great workshop with a great crowd and a lot of learning

Download the slide from below

Download PDF • 1.32MB

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